Will House 7A be scary?

Yes…that’s the point. And it may be too intense for children or for people who freak out easily. The focus of the House 7A will be on dread, and without a heavy reliance on cheap jump-scares. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a few shocks waiting for you.

Tonal influences include Ray Bradbury, Shinji Mikami, Guillermo Del Toro, Stephen King, Ti West, Neil Gaiman, and Joe Hill to name a few.

What happens in the house? 

Small groups will be taken on a semi-guided tour of two floors of the dilapidated house. Especially bold and observant visitors will be able to piece together the events that led to the mysterious departure of the previous tenants, the Crowe Family, by analyzing the traces of the life they left behind. 

This will not be an overtly gory or psycho-sexual haunted house, but one with an immersive focus on atmosphere, narrative, and discovery. People may also cross paths with the house’s current occupants, including an unknowable entity they call Mr. Echo.


The duration of each tour varies by group depending on individual pace & curiosity, and we recommend taking your time to soak in the experience. However the average length for each tour is 15-20 minutes.


While children are permitted to attend, we do NOT recommend bringing little ones under 12, and babies/infants will not be permitted to enter.  The experience is designed for mature audiences, and contains some mild language and scenes of violence, so bring children at your own risk.*

*Fun Ghoul Productions will not responsible for any sleepless nights & therapy bills that you may incur as a result of bringing your kids. Please use your best judgement.


Governors Island is only accessible by ferry from either Manhattan or Brooklyn. 

You can get more detailed directions by visiting our DIRECTIONS page.

Why Governors Island?

If you’ve ever been to Governors Island, you know that it is one of the most remarkable and singular public spaces in all of NYC. 

Brief history lesson: For over 100 years, the island was used as a base for the US military, first the Army and then later the US Coast Guard, and featured a residential community for the numerous families stationed there. There were homes, schools, churches, a bowling alley, a movie theatre, even a Burger King. The military departed in 1996, but many of those structures are still very much intact. Since then, the island has become a premiere NYC destination for recreation and events, as well as a haven for artists of all disciplines to bring their works to life…featuring a unique and ready-made infrastructure to host artistic programs. 

Why is this not happening in October?  

Good question, as October is clearly the preferred month for all things haunted. However due to the seasonal aspect of Governors Island, September was the latest possible time frame to execute while the island is still open to the public (the last day being Sunday, Sept 25th).  

There have been whispers that the future will see the island opened year-round to the public, and you can be sure we’ll be there when the leaves change, and potentially on a grander scale to celebrate all things Halloween.  

But for 2016, consider this a kick-off to the season and a planting of the All Hallows’ flag on Governors Island. 

Where is Nolan Park?

Nolan park is located on the east side of Governors Island and is less than a 10 minute walk from both ferry landings. The area has the feel of an isolated suburban neighborhood...while the world's greatest city buzzes 800 yards off the coast. This contrast creates a surreal and beautiful atmosphere, recalling simpler days of quiet suburban bliss but in the shadow of lower Manhattan. 

Why don't you sell tickets?

This is not a money-making venture, but a passion project with the opportunity to create the haunted house experience that New York deserves. For free public programs, the gracious folks on the island provide performance and art spaces at gratis. And since we're not an established corporation with a built-in bench of investors, we’ve opted to go the free route with House 7A to minimize admin costs and allow as many people to experience it as possible without pesky ticket prices getting in the way. 


Have other questions not listed above?

Contact the organizers at funghoulproductions@gmail.com.